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  • General Practitioner

    14464551055415098.jpgDr. Henry Hing 椹潵瑗夸簹鍥芥棗.jpg

    Family Physician with special interest in dermatology 

    MBBS, Dip. Dermatology (Cardiff, UK)

    Languages:  English.Bahasa.Cantonese and Mandarin

    Dr Henry has been a medical practitioner since 2002 and has gained experiences from various specialties such as General Medicine, General Surgery, Pediatrics, Dermatology and Emergency Medicine during his years of practice. Prior to joining Columbia clinic, Dr Henry was practicing as a General practitioner at Parkway clinic, Shanghai (Luwan) and he was also a Chief Medical Officer at Mawar Medical Centre, Malaysia.

    Internal Physician

    Dr. Motohashi Kyoko   14714893941553403.jpg

    Internal Medicine, Traditional Chinese Medicine & Psychiatry

    Languages: Japanese. Chinese(Mandarin) & English

    Dr Motohashi graduated from Tokyo Women’s Medical University and is a Certified Psychiatrist in Japan. After many years of experience practicing as an Internist for western medicine, Dr Motohashi Sought to improve the quality of her treatment by pursning a doctoral degree in Traditional Chinese Medicine from the Beijing University of Traditional Chinese Medicine. Dr Motohashi combines Western and Chinese Medicine in her treatment and also psychology assessment when required. She has more than 15 years experience and has worked in Japan, Malaysia, Singapore and China. 

    Internal Physician

    Dr. Akira Mikami  162x204 Dr Akira-01.jpg

    Internal Physician

    Language: Japanese. English

    Dr Akira graduated from Miyazaki University, a reputable medical school in Japan specializing in Internal Medicine and Emergency & Trauma Medicine. Dr Akira was previously practicing at St Luke’s International Hospital’s Accident & Emergency Department and ICU unit. He was well regarded by his superiors and has served as Chief Resident & Educational Officer - training and leading a team of young doctors.

    Dr Akira joined Columbia Clinic in 2015 and has rapidly built up his reputation as a dedicated Internist and Trauma doctor and first aid trainer. He is well liked by his patients and peers .

    Professional Affiliations Board Certified Member The Japanese Association for Acute Medicine.  The Society of Intensive Care Medicine.  Qualified Member Japanese Society of Travel Medicine. /  Member : The Japanese Society of Internal Medicine. / Member : The Japanese Society of Anti-aging Medicin

    Internal Physician

    TN 鐜嬪枂涓€ 162x204.jpg

    Dr. Joey Wang 

    Attending Doctor MD.

    Language: Chinese. English

    Dr Joey Wang graduated from Fudan University of Shanghai with a master's Degree in Internal Medicine, specializing in Respiratory Medicine. Dr Joey Wang has more than 12 years of extensive medical experience serving as an attending doctor in Huadong Hospital RICU. In 2010, Dr Joey Wang was given an opportunity to study in San Gerardo Hospital in Monza, Italy for ICU Management and ECMO in Sars.

    Dr Joey Wang is specializes in the treatment of Chronic Respiratory Diseases, Snoring & Sleep Disorder, and Acute & Chronic Illness management. He was the designated attending doctor for preventive and medical treatment programs for senior officials of local government bureaus. Dr Joey Wang is also an avid health seminar presenter and nolds a concurrent post as Vice Chief and Guest Speaker of Drager Academy. He has given more than 30 academic speeches for fellow medical doctors.

    Internal Physician

    162x204 Dr Zhang-01.jpg

    Dr. Wanru Zhang

    Internal Physician and Functional Medicine.

    Language: Chinese

    Dr Zhang graduated from Shanghai Second Medical College and has the worked in the No.9 People's Hospital. Dr Zhang specialized in Internal Medicine and Oncology. He also combines western and Chinese medicine in his treatments. He attended the training of American functional medicine in 2012 and is the first batch of certified clinicians for functional medicine from China. Dr Zhang is highly experienced in preventive medicine and functional medicine.

    Otolaryngology (ENT)

    162x204 Dr 閲戠弽鑺?01.jpg

    Dr. Zhenhua Jin  


    Languages: Chinese.  Japanese. Korean 

    Dr Jin graduated from Yanbian University School of Medicine and worked in the Pediatrics Department. She pursued her clinical interest in Ear, Nose & Throat Specialty at Tohoku University of Japan Medical School and graduated with a degree in Ear, Nose & Throat Medicine. Dr Jin is a certified and very experience ENT Specialist who is well received by both children and adult patients. Dr Jin is particularly specialized in the treatment of Otitis Media (Inflamation of the middle ear), Hearing Loss and Allergic Rhinitis.  Dr Jin is not only  a registered ENT Specialist, she is also apt in the treatment of general pediatric conditions.

    Gynecology Physician

    162x204 Dr Lin-01.jpg

    Dr. Cathy Ling 


    Languages: Chinese

    Dr Cathy Lin graduated from Jiaotong University School of Medicine.Prior to joining Columbia Clinic, she was a Gynecologist at American-Sino OB/GYN/Pediatrics Hospital and Shanghai United Family Hospital before she was promoted as the head of Gynecology at Shanghai First Maternity and Infant Hospital.

    Consultant Cardiologist

    162x204 Dr Sun-01.jpgDr. Yinguang Sun 

    Internal medicine and cardiology.

    Languages: English. Chinese

    Dr Sun is a senior consultant cardiologist with more than 20 years of experience in treating various heart diseases, He is one of the pioneer cardiologist at Parkway Health Medical Centre. His specialties are non-invasive cardiology procedures, such as echocardiography, stress test and Holter ECG. He has gained extensine reputation from his numerous medical publications worldwide as well as positive feedbacks from his patients . Dr Sun's cardiology training was done at Ruijin Hospital of Shanghai Jiaotong University, Mayo Clinic in the US and Prince of Wales Hospital in Hong Kong, He is very fluent in both English and Mandarin.

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